Aesthetic Advantages?
Like the MALO CLINIC Ceramic Bridge, the MALO CLINIC Acrylic Bridge offers the potential to cosmetically restore the patient with fulfilment of both hard and soft tissue requirements using an acrylic veneering system.

Functional Advantages.
Functional advantages include the inherent resilience of the resin materials which protect ceramic reconstructions in the opposing arch. Repair is easily accomplished should the need arise. This construction has an average durability of 7 years when patients are protected from parafunctional impact.

Price / Quality (for the patient)
The MALO CLINIC Acrylic Bridge provides excellent aesthetics, highly resilient function and economic value. Production Time for the Malo Acrylic Bridge Only three weeks are required to manufacture this prosthesis.

Biocompatible Materials.
The MALO CLINIC Acrylic Bridge is developed with the same CAD/CAM precision titanium infrastructure and a scientifically fused resin gingiva and custom designed resin teeth.s.

Clinical Requirements.

  • Do I have to carry out any special procedure during the clinical appointments?
    No. The steps to construct a MALO CLINIC Acrylic Bridge are less than those employed for any screw-retained implant supported prosthesis
  • On average, how many appointments are necessary to make the MALO CLINIC Acrylic Bridge?   
    After a provisional prosthesis has been constructed according to patient and dentist satisfaction, no more appointments are required.

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